What makes a great Food Business Model?

  • Legislation

    Maintaining excellent records and attention to detail in your due diligence journey, is crucial to building your business successfully. Not just for LAUNCH DAY but for the LIFE of your business. Each country has its own legislative responsibilities in regards to food. Many ignore it but this comes with consequences, some of which are FATAL!

  • Training

    Having staff appropriately trained will ensure that you not only meet the expectations of your Food Inspector but will also ensure that your Customers return over and over again bringing friends each time. Remember, people are busy and always want somewhere to eat out. The Management must train their staff to avoid Food Borne Illnesses and Food Poisoning.

  • Reputation

    A Food Businesses Reputation cannot be underestimated. It is the key to a great food business is actually referral. Marketing can also play a huge part in getting the message out but if it is not echoed by your customers that are current, you stand to lose in the long term. Even at the end of running a Food Business you will always be remembered. Make that Memory Sweet!

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